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Your Quonto Questions Answered

Q. I already have an accountant, isn't it difficult to switch?

A. The answer is no! It is easy to switch from your current accountant to commonsense accounting with Quonto. All it takes is one email from you to your existing accountant - and that's your part done. We then write to the accounts for ‘professional clearance’, set you up on the HMRC website to act as your agent. Simple!


Q. Can Quonto do my bookkeeping for me?

A. Yes we can! But this does depend on your businesses' turnover and the sector you're in. If it's something we can't accommodate as part of your package, our sister company Tide Accounting can. 


Q. Can Quonto train me to do my own bookkeeping on Xero?

A. We offer a full Xero training course through our other sister company, Bridge Training Solutions. We can train you or your relevant staff members on bookkeeping using the Xero software we provide. 


Q. I already have accounting software that I'm happy with, can I still use that with Quonto?

A. We are happy to work with your existing software if you'd prefer to use it. Alternatively you can switch to Xero at the start of the new financial year. 


Q. Can Quonto do my CIS returns for me? 

A. Yes we can, just call us for a quote!


Q. What does the Fee Protection Insurance cover?

A. You can find out all about the Fee Protection Insurance by contacting us by phone, email or using our contact form. 


Q. What's the different between bookkeeping and accounting?

A. Bookkeeping is the process of organising and collating invoices, bank statements etc. into a system in order to process using accounting software resulting in a clean set of figures, including bank reconciliation, which can then be used to do your accounting.


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